Which expensive clothing brands are worth the money?

Spending money on a product and making sure you will get every bit of worth out of that product is such a satisfying thing. And when we spend that money on quality clothes, fashionable wrist watches like Triwa Watches, it is even better. It is said that an average American household spends about 2 percent of their income on clothes shopping. Clothes that have flair and quality to them, tend to last for long and are more comfortable than their cheaper versions. Quality clothes are known to make you feel good and look like a million bucks no matter how many times you have worn them. Quality clothes go hand in hand with versatility and precision. They cannot be found just about anywhere. If you make prudent decisions while shopping, you can have more quality and less quantity in your closet and still feel as good, forever. There are many expensive clothing brands that are not exactly well known like Gucci, Armani, and Prada, but if you invest your money into them you can actually look like you just came out of Vogue.

  • Herm├Ęs is not exactly a clothing brand, but every penny you invest into their scarves is going to give your otherwise dull clothes an enhanced look. The brand is more into bags, leather items, jewelry, and perfumes, but their scarves are the most unique and the most versatile ones available all over the fashion industry.
  • Guess is one of the most popular expensive clothing brand, more famous for its designer denim jeans. As boring as jeans can be, Guess never backs off in experimenting with them. The brand always promises to surprise you, adding up fun elements to its clothing items. The American clothing brand is also famous for its t-shirts, specially targeted for the young and sophisticated adults.
  • If you are looking for luxury, along with variations in clothing patterns and exclusive sales, every now and then, then you must opt for Marc Jacobs. Every season, Marc Jacobs comes out with its exclusive range of clothing that is unique and eccentric. The clothes when adorned stand out and are capable of making you look successful.
  • Another brand that maintains its quirky and unique style is Chanel. Chanel clothing is famous for its rich looking quality clothing. The brand is sought after, trendy, and provides unique clothing solutions for people who are one of a kind.
  • Ralph Lauren has been a brand to provide sporty, yet luxury comfort clothing solutions for so many years now. The consistency in the brand and its clothing items it what makes the brand stand apart from the others. The comprehensive and expressive style of clothing ensures you look like you just came out a fancy fashion magazine.

Hesperios is a fairly new brand to come to market, with their new, elegant, and subtle clothing solutions, that are targeted for the young professionals who like experimenting and infusing style into their work. The brand hails from the New york city, which focuses on changing the terms of the fashion industry without putting a hole into your pockets.

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