The Most Shockingly Expensive Baby Clothes

The Most Shockingly Expensive Baby Clothes

Kids are the gift of nature for us. Their laughter fills our hearts with joy, their quirks are something nobody can ignore. As adorable our kids are, their clothes are even more adorable. As the society progresses, and the fashion trends with it, there are now multiple options for our little ones to choose from. Replicas of designers items made out in teeny tiny sizes to fit their cute, thin pink fingers that are as soft as cotton is, those fancy hats, that even if they look cute in them, ends up in the mud on the playground. Those jumpsuits that come along with matching shoes and matching bibs for their playtime, those cartoon nightdresses in which they sleep peacefully, and end up peeing in them. No matter what our kids do, we love them, and we love them even more in those little fancy items they adorn and smile. Their smiles are as adorable as Mondaine Expensive Watches.

There are parents who are now willing to buy expensive clothing items for their little ones. Reason? Their kids must shine throughout. There are fashionable clothing items specifically catering to the needs of elite kids that you as a parent would not want to miss out on.

  • Little Boy`s Quilted Leather Jacket: this leather jacket worth $2,350 (the most expensive baby clothing item)  is made in terms of jackets that today’s adults adorn. This cute little brown jacket will suit the kid for all kinds of formal and casual occasions when paired with jeans.
  • Infant`s Christening coat from Dolce & Gabbana: Priced at a whopping $1875, this lacy little frock cum coat in baby pink color is the formal attire for an infant girl.
  • Metallic Lace dress from Dolce & Gabbana: trying to take your little girl to a wedding? You would not want to miss out on this perfect little dress, golden color, lace. Priced at $1825 this dress is every little girl’s dream.
  • Boys outfit from Burberry: the kid’s collection from Burberry is known for its class and exquisiteness. The brown leather jacket with a white shirt and black jeans make the cut for an afternoon elite lunch. The outfit for the little boy is priced at $1345.
  • Girls outfit from Burberry: we just talked about the formal afternoon attire for young boys, so how can the girl be behind? The little dress by Burberry with a black top and a skirt, priced at $1290, can give your little girl a stylish and a fashionable look.
  • Girl`s Silk Floral outfit from Dolce & Gabbana: For the latest trendy little girls, Dolce and Gabbana bring the exquisite silk dress, floral patterned, for only $1025. Every girl, no matter how small or big would want to be in the dress.
  • Infant`s Sequin-Cashmere blend dress from Dolce & Gabbana: Dolce and Gabbana seem to have understood elite kids’ fashion seriously. With their yet another dress for little girls priced at $685, it is made out of golden sequins and cashmere for your little girl to party without feeling uncomfortable.

Little Boy`s Two-piece Wool & Silk suit set from Dolce & Gabbana: If girls can party, then so can the little boys. Made out of pure silk, this two-piece suit with a white shirt underneath can make your little boy the center of the party in just $835.

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